Portable Driver Optimization Tools for under $1000

We have always sold and supported multiple technology tools for track day, HPDE and club racing driver and car optimization. The average system we sell that incorporates sensors, displays, cameras and a central logger is about $3500 and can cost up to five times that. The average system we sell that connects to existing sensors in the car and incorporates video is about $1800.

We KNOW that there is no ONE-size-fits-all device, software or solution for the many different drivers out there seeking something they can use to help themselves GO FASTER, NOW!

There are MANY sub-$1000 systems that can allow drivers coaching themselves to hit the ground running and get just as good basic info as the more expensive systems, some that include video, which is a powerful tool in itself.

Also, one of the lease expensive systems that we sell, the Garmin Catalyst, requires NO laptop, software analysis knowledge, time or interpretation needed to recognize opportunities for improvement AND to provide real-time verbal feedback to do better. Plenty of choices!

In NO particular order, here are the sub-$1000 solutions we carry in stock, sell and support.

For entry-level, inexpensive technology tools that offer powerful information, we sell and support a variety of devices. Most of the time, we are among the first, if not THE first, dealers for emerging technologies like the Apex Pro Digital Driving Coach and the Garmin Catalyst. This gives us a marked advantage over mail order houses that sell data logging equipment as a sideline or other, single-line dealers.


For $399 plus mounting solution, we can recommend the Solo 2 from AiM-Sportline. While the software learning requirement is steep, this small logger/display packs some great features like wireless downloading of data, predictive lap timing display three different ways (Predicted Lap Time, +/- Best Lap Time and colored, staged LED's on both sides of the LCD display), electromechanical accelerometers as well as GPS-derived g-forces, accurate track placement and lap timing. Windows only, this device can leverage the raw measures to provide most of the basic performance benchmarks to collect and evaluate opportunities for improvement for any driver. No video solution.


For $399 all inclusive, we can recommend the least expensive and one of the easiest to use video AND data solutions, the Road-Keeper dual-stream 1080p video logger, by Trivinci Systems (Race-Keeper). This device requires plug in power to operate. The video includes track view facing forward and a rear view into the cockpit for heads and hands of the driver. The free Windows-only Comparo software automatically shows synced video and basic data, plus side-by-side video and data comparison between different laps, different sessions and different drivers. All units now feature the new 10 Hz sampling, overlaying driving lines and includes the powerful tool, Combined G, as a default measure. 


For $429 plus mounting solution, we can recommend the VBOX Sport, from Racelogic. This small device features both Windows, Mac and iOS compatibility and uses your phone or tablet for a display, if desired. It has a removable SD card for easy transfer of log files, plus the ability to plug in an optional external GPS antenna. Very simple to operate, long lasting on the battery as a standalone device, this is a great little package with perhaps the most intuitive software to "find time" for drivers coaching themselves. No video solution.


For $549 plus mounting solution, the Apex Pro Digital Driving Coach is a self contained logger with real-time LED "total demonstrated grip" feedback along with Artificial Intelligence that allows the device to learn and "grow" with the capabilities of the car and the driver. Using an iOS app (only, no Android) and an iOS phone or tablet carried along in the car, this device offers quick and relatively easy review of a driver's performance, showing measures in many ways and allowing easy comparison between laps, sessions and drivers. For $99/year, an in-app purchase allows more sophisticated analysis and the addition of iOS device recorded video to the data. This is perhaps the best tool to "calibrate your butt" and see how much (or how little) margin you have left in  basic skill executions, transitions and overall. A great tool and incorporates our main private coaching methodology focused on the demonstrated grip of the car and how much of that, over the course of the lap, the driver is using at any given point.


For $699 plus mounting solution, we can recommend the AiM Solo 2 DL, a substantial step up from the $400 Solo 2, allowing a connection to most cars built in the last fifteen years to show at least RPM and throttle position, with some cars post-2012 showing as many as 40+ channels of information. Also, there is the ability to integrate a real-time rendered 720P video with measures on the background of the video suitable for playing immediately upon return to the paddock, using AiM's optional $1000 SmartyCam HD v2.1. Again, the learning curve for the Windows-only Race Studio Analysis software is steep, with many, many ways to show and visualize the information collected, but AiM's hardware is well made and very durable. 

GC kit

For $999 all inclusive, we can emphatically recommend the new Garmin Catalyst. This completely self contained tablet with a very small separate camera doesn't require (or have the capability of) using a computer at all. A 7" diagonal touch-screen color display offers real time predictive and split timing, post session analysis and video review, comparing the driver's average to a DRIVER generated "optimal lap," the compilation of the driver's best individual corners or corner complexes. On top of all of this, there is real-time audio feedback on three levels reinforcing what the driver is doing and what they can do better, delivered in time to do something about it. The Catalyst is different from all the other devices we sell because it is PRO-active, not just a recorder of information. We were the first and are the largest end-user Catalyst dealer outside of Garmin themselves, and have the most experience to help our customers get the best use of of this great tool.

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