718 GT4 CS VBOX HD2 kit information

718 GT4 CS-991 GT2 RS CS cables

We spend a lot of time preparing and shipping VBOX Video HD2 systems already set up to be plug and play, for Porsche Motorsports 718 GT4 CS and 991 GT2 RS CS models.

We supply power and car information cables, roll bar mount clamps, a preconfigured HD2 control unit with all of the data available from the car that the VBOX can log and a background that emulates the Cosworth ICD dash to present that information.

For the best results, it’s very important that the forward facing camera be mounted at the top of the halo bar, closest to the centerline of the car and as far forward as possible, right next to or forward of the rear view mirror.

This provides the main view, capturing the edges of the car and the relationship of the front wheels of the car to the edges of the track and road.

The secondary camera, picture-in-picture, can be mounted inside at the top of the main hoop looking down over the driver’s right shoulder in a left hand drive car towards the steering wheel.