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It's hard to believe that we're entering our twentieth year of selling, supporting and educating drivers about the best use of GPS-based data and video logging equipment.

So many dealers focus on one line or have added data and video as a trendy addition to car mods and safety gear, but we are specialists in this technology and its use.

We're aware of only one other dealer in the country with close to as much real-world and varied experience with this equipment at a club and track day level as we do. 

Having had two decades of seeing what works and what doesn't, focusing on equipment that allows drivers to coach themselves, we've seen a lot of tech come and go. All of it features detailed review of what the driver just did in the car. Good for review and validation, somewhat more challenging to determine the next action steps to DO with that information.

Recently, the introduction of a new product from Garmin (really?) has changed the game from this long-established paradigm. Instead of a passive record of what happened, this device is active, with voice prompts, neural network building within a visual field ahead of the car to determine lateral position, and a selective and discriminating selection of achievable segments to form "the optimal lap" to guide the driver towards MORE exemplary performance.

We'll write more about this soon, and while it doesn't replace the depth and breadth of information collected in more powerful and "connected" systems that we offer, it is more than complementary and does what no other system does...

More soon.